Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sittin' at the end of the bar...

Did you know that...

-- This is the best Capitals record (8-4-2) after 14 games since the 1995-1996 season, when they started 9-5-0.

-- The Caps have scored 42 goals through 14 games. Last year, they did not score their 42nd goal until game 19, also against Tampa Bay. The Caps lost that one, 5-2. Olaf Kolzig lost that game, too. (edit: oops, not he didn't...Brent Johnson did).

-- The Caps have allowed 40 goals through 14 games (not including Gimmicks). Last year after 14 games?...40.

-- The 8-4-2 record puts the Caps on a pace for 47-23-12 (106 points). Think Caps fans would like that regular season result?

-- Three teams have two players ranked in the top-ten in plus-minus: Boston, Chicago, and Washington. The Caps are the only team with two Alexes in that group (Semin, ranked first, and Ovechkin, tied for sixth).

-- Speaking of Ovechkin, he is tied for eighth in hits among forwards, despite his having missed two games.

-- Mike Green is picking up where he left off. He's tied for second among defensemen in goals scored.

-- Alexander Semin has a 24.4 percent shooting percentage. Picking his spots well, or not taking enough shots? Discuss.


pepper said...

He certainly took at least one less shot than he should have last night!

I looked it up this morning -- his shooting % is almost double from last year (14.1). So he must be picking his spots better. Can't argue with numbers. Well, you can, but, anyway.

this space for rent said...


...you mean...you mean the sky ISN'T falling? That we're ... we're not headed for the lottery basement again? That JT isn't going to kill us all?



No, seriously, when you put it like that, suddenly all the gloom and doom you see across the Caps blogosphere gets a little touch of perspective. And it means I need to make an Eeyore icon.