Friday, November 21, 2008

Top Ten Signs Michael Nylander is About to be Traded

Lots of rumors about Nylander going to the Blackhawks. Well, your ol' pal Peerless has the intel on the top ten signs that a deal is imminent...

10. He comes into the locker room with football shoulder pads, announcing, "look, I'm the city of the big shoulders."

9. He asks how "da bearss" are doing against Bridgeport

8. When asked about his favorite SNL sketch, he doesn't miss a beat... "The Super Fans"

7. He sings "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" at the second intermission

6. When Washington beats San Jose, he goes back to the clubhouse screaming, "CAPS WIN! CAPS WIN! CU...UH, CAPS WIN!"

5. He starts talking about how much he likes "sassages" with his morning breakfast

4. Someone discovers he has Cristobal Huet on speed dial on his cell phone.

3. He's seen in front of his locker reading the latest Roger Ebert movie review in the Sun Times

2. A teammate overhears him ordering ahead for a Lou Malnati's deep dish

And the number one sign Michael Nylander is about to be traded...

1. Eklund DOESN'T post about it!



1) Especially like that last entry! LOL
2) The latest rumours just don't add up: Nylander for Dustin Byfuglien and Brent Sopal? That deal would make no sense for Washington salary cap-wise. Perhaps where there is smoke…,but it seems all the various trade rumors require an awful lot of things to take place to get a deal done here
3) Nylander of course has a no movement clause. He’d have to agree to be traded. Perhaps he would under the right circumstances, but in mid season it won’t be an easy sell
4) The Capitals are right against the cap limit. Literally 190K away! So any potential deal can NOT bring back ‘additional salary’.
4) How many teams (including Chicago) would want Nylander’s salary/cap hit of 4.8 million for another 2 1/2 seasons?? They also have cap issues. A third team is possible, but that seems awfuly complicated for a mid season deal. Guess we’ll hear soon.

The Peerless said...

Assuming that the basic contours of the deal are Nylander for Byfuglien, I have to think there is going to be a third team in this to take on the second player the Caps take on from the Hawks to balance the Cap hit on Chicago's end.

Steve said...

Wow that was epically unfunny, and not because I don't want Nylander dealt (I do). Me thinks you need some time in comedy school. You're never funny on here when you try, but I do like your enthusiasm and info.

DMG said...

#11: both Brent Sopel and Dustin Byfuglin (sp?) were scratched last night.

The Peerless said...

@ Steve...

I will take you off of the fan club mailing list.

Anonymous said...

Remember that Chi is probably going to have to deal one of their goalies to complete a deal with us. So some of the scratched chi players could go out with their goalie in a package deal.

Also, what if we dealt Mo along with Nyles in exchange for a defenseman, maybe a prospect/draft pick and cap room for Alzner. Mo will be able to sign a contract in FA for far more than the caps can afford, he hasn't played well this year, and he doesn't seem to be in the long term plan.

Just a thought.

DMG said...

@ anon,

Word is the Hawks might be considering sending Huet to the AHL for temporary cap relief to make the deal work, but no matter what happens neither of their goalies is coming to DC.

The Peerless said...

DMG...I don't think that was what anon was suggesting, only that the Hawks might have to move a goalie. New Jersey has been mentioned as a potential resting place for Khabibulin, for example, although the Hawks seem more inclined these days to keep him.

MacVechkin, fka JR said...

Per Eklund:
"It was a long time ago that I first wrote about Nylander to Chicago Rumour..."

Ovechkin to Columbus (e2).