Monday, November 24, 2008

Wild (and Wacky) Quotes...

We were perusing some of the Wild blogs and stopped at "Russo's Rants," a blog authored by Star-Tribune reporter Michael Russo. His latest had some interesting "Lemaire-isms..."

"You know when you get flurry of snow, you might get a [expletive] storm!"

"We’re getting chances that we should score and we don’t score. Now there’s one thing to do, is work harder. When this happens, it’s work harder. It’s not my grandma, it’s not my girlfriend, it’s me working harder! Period! It’s nothing else.”

"Our second periods have been bad, so we have to wake up there. We’ve got to stop to think that we’re home and we’ve got to play. OK?"

"Now we want to have the nice goals. We get the puck, we want to move outside to get the puck back, to make another play. And if he gets it, the other guy moves outside to get the puck to make another play. How many times we’ll try to move outside to get the puck and make another play? If goals are tough to get, we don’t want to make fancy plays. Go at the net. If we get those plays, you don’t say a word. But now, if we get a chance to shoot, … shoot.”

Any of this sound familiar, Caps fans?

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Flying Cloud said...

'Boy, howdy,' in the words of my friend from Woodbridge.

The Old Caps used to indulge in this sort of thing, too, perhaps none more frustrating than Joe Juneau, who could do everything beautifully -- including score -- but preferred to pass in his stated belief that it required more skill to set the attack than to finish it. How is it beneath anyone to score a goal?

Our current crop appears to be trying on balance. They've had some bad games but that's part of growing up. No one appears to be tossing their toys out of the pram, at least so far, so Caps fans must continue to be patient and wait for them to get healthy again. Hoping for the best tonight, but not really expecting a win.