Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Hockey Brands

Sports Business Journal (subscription required) published the results of a brand index assembled by Turnkey Sports and Entertainment. Fans rated 122 teams on 21 distinct factors, including how fans perceive entertainment value, how well they like the players, perceptions of ownership, and the team's commitment to winning. The study also tested each team on 36 brand attributes. The results in that "top-20" graphic above might strike some as a bit surprising.
Five hockey teams out of the top 20?...Carolina among them?
And three of the top 17 teams coming from Detroit?


tim :) said...

I'm seeing a fairly direct correlation between that chart and a winning history (or going deep into playoffs recently).

Surprise? nah.

Anonymous said...

and the new york yankees are, what 21st?

Anonymous said...

Carolina, indeed. Sure this wasn't done by Turkey Sports and Entertainment?

The Peerless said...

@ pepper...might be the same fans voting for Habs players for the all star game.