Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Your Gratuitous "Brendan Witt Post Office" Moment

Note the fierce glare Caps fans will remember as he watches the puck sailing back out of the net...his feet planted firmly -- rooted even -- in the ice to his goaltender's left.

This goal by Milan Jurcina would be Witt's third "minus" on his way to a minus-5 (that is not a misprint) night.

He did have his stick on the ice, though. Remember that, kids...always keep your stick on the ice.

It helps to have something to lean on when you're at the "post" office.

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Michael Eason said...

If I'd had the kind of night that Brendan Witt had against the Caps- I would've retreated to the far corner of the locker room with a whiskey bottle. Wow, that's a rough game.