Friday, January 02, 2009

Tweet, Twit....t'what?

We don't profess to be up on the internets as much as you young kids, although we do have a Twitter account (perhaps the least used in the inventory). But we were wondering what some tweets might look like from some NHLers...

"Spending time watching old Reebok commercials from when I was the darling of the league."
from SidCros87

"Colin called -- wants to talk"
from Great8

"burning video of Winter Classic"
from ChiGoalie

"not pinching myself"
from ClaudeInBos

"Almost ready...maybe in a week or two"
from NooCanuck

"Maybe we should sign Conklin, maybe then we'd get to play in the snow"
from 28otherGMs

"What was I thinking?...penalty shot??"
from NHLref25

from Smitty41

1 comment:

this space for rent said...

LOL, or on a more serious note:

"crap. hope JH is okay"