Tuesday, February 03, 2009

It's the sticks' fault!

"We're taking lazy penalties, holding and hooking and stuff like that. Coach has been saying that we can't take the lazy penalties. We have to keep our sticks down and keep skating."

-- Milan Jurcina

"We have to use our legs more than our sticks We have to be patient when the opposition has the puck. These are the little details that are big."

-- Sergei Fedorov

Maybe these guys should practice killing penalties without the aid of sticks.


Flying Cloud said...

Not sure what you're getting at here, Peerless, but have been too ill to read, so very little makes sense lately. Question for you -- why has no one mentioned the fact that Shannie and Fedorov were on the same Stanley Cup winning team? They didn't generally play on the same line, but they were teammates. Is this not a big deal, the two meeting now, tonight? Am I over-reacting? Must be the meds.

Anonymous said...

Well, Brooks Laich is a better PKer without his stick than he is with it (and he ain't all that bad with one), so it might work....