Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Man Down

If you look closely over there on the right, we have a compilation of our fellow wizards. If you look really closely, you will note that one of them is -- horrors! -- a Penguin blogger.

"The Sweater Ted" (the original name of the blog) is what we think of as "A Penguin Blog with a Brain." Unfortunately, the author of that blog -- "Hooks Orpik" -- is on IR with a "lower body injury."

Get well, soon, Hooks...I still owe you an explanation as to why Alex Ovechkin, and not Evgeni Malkin, deserves the Hart Trophy.


Stokley Rose said...

I don't think an explanation is necessary. If you have Crosby AND Malkin and aren't in the playoffs, then all of those points he's scoring apparently aren't that valuable.

Hooks Orpik said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts, Peerless, I appreciate it. I'm getting my feet under me more and more all the time.

As far as your explanation goes, I hope the debate gets a little better in terms of Pittsburgh's place in the standings and Malkin's points. It's hard to argue with AO's goal totals and where he's got his team in the standings (even though I'd still argue that Malkin has had a better season).

Ahh, see, feeling better already!