Thursday, February 05, 2009

We Need a Name

It started last year when the Caps started winning. Fans started showing up in greater numbers, and a theme was rolled out -- "Rock the Red." Since then, Verizon Center has become one of the loudest, most crowded hockey venues in the NHL. It is, at times -- shoot, most of the time -- an eccentric mix of personaltities and practices.

You have "The Horn" and "The Voice." You have what might be the signature call of Caps Nation -- "Unleash the Fury" -- that generally comes in the late stages of the third period of home games. You have a new entry, the "It's all your fault" cheer, directed at the opposing goaltender in the midst of fishing pucks out of his net after a Caps score.

The whole thing is starting to resemble a college basketball atmosphere, where some arenas and fan groups make up some of the most intimidating places an opponent in any sport can play. A Caps game at Verizon Center is starting to take on some of the characteristics of, say, a Cameron Indoor Stadium, where the "Cameron Crazies" have raised intimidation of opponents to an art form. Or, for the sheer size -- 4,000 students in "Izzone" t-shirts ringing the lower bowl -- and volume, "The Izzone" at Breslin Center on the campus of my alma mater, Michigan State University. Or the "Rock, Chalk, Jay-hawk" chant at Allen Fieldhouse, home to the Kansas Jayhawks.

The legion of red-clad Caps fans packing Verizon Center needs a name, something to distinguish it from other hockey hotbeds, something to add to the intimidation factor, something opponents will have to look forward to (and dread).

Consider this your opportunity to weigh in on giving a name to our voice...


mvk20 said...

How about "The Red Fury"?

Anonymous said...

The Red Army

Anonymous said...

I second the Red Army, but can we please put a stop to the 1-2-3 Its all your fault nonsense?

How about just the old one 1-2-3 We want x for every goal.

Graz said...

I also like "The Red Army".

Not sure I really like the "It's All Your Fault" chant though.

Anonymous said...

Considering how many Russians we have on our team, Red Army seems like a natural fit. Even if Herb Brooks might turn over in his grave at the idea of an American hockey team having fans with that moniker, it may be the best we'll be able to do.

"Red Sea"? "Red Alert"? "Red Menace"? "Red Fire"? "Red Light District"? "Red Heat"? "Red Mass"? "Red Scare"? "Red Tide"? "The Red Zone"?

And "It's All Your Fault" is just so in-the-other-team's-goalie's-grill that it's absolutely GOT to stay.