Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Caps are playing the Hickory Huskers this afternoon

We get it!

What a coaching genius John Tortorella is. The whole thing – the water bottle, the stick, the confrontation, even the dealing with the unruly player the game before…we get it!

Oh, how could we have missed this? Torts knows his team is an offense-challenged group of rag-tags up against the goal-scoring behemoth from South Bend Centr…uh, Washington.

It’s “Hoosiers,” all over again.

Torts is Coach Norman Dale, banished to the hinterland from his last coaching job, brought in to light a fire under a team in what might be his last chance as a headmaster. He had already brought in Jim Schoenfeld as an “interim” assistant coach before this series, Schoenfeld himself being a former coach who hadn’t been behind an NHL bench in ten years.

So now Tortorella goes off during a game, gets suspended, and has to turn the whole thing over to Shooter...uh, Schoeny, for this afternoon’s game.

The only thing that’s left for Schoeny is to bring the kids over in the last minute and tell them to “run the picket fence at ‘em.”

Just don't get caught watchin' the paint dry!


Flying Cloud said...

Tortorella publicly turned on his own team in Tampa (granted, they had uber-sized problems, but it could be argued, and often was, that he was one of them). Reputedly some Caps players blamed Schoenfeld for prematurely ending careers because of the brutal so-called Practice sessions that he savored when he coached in Washington. He also has a terrible temper. Is looniness required to qualify for membership in the Rangers' organization?

Peerless, it's almost game time so I don't expect you'll see this but I was wondering about Valiquette: what are the chances of seeing him in net today, and what effect if any would that have on your prediction? Perhaps we could hold this question for later.

The Peerless said...

Well we saw him, but I suspect it will be the last time we see him in this series. It's on Lundqvist -- the Rangers will win or lose with him.