Monday, April 06, 2009

Caps stink, have no defense, no goaltender, caused global warming

Well, maybe not that last part about global warming, but as for the first three, you would think the Caps were perusing the local golf course web sites for tee times based on the commentary from Keith Jones at on post-season awards...

"The only defenceman for the Washington Capitals is [Mike] Green and and he should win the Norris because he has no help on the blueline. Milan Jurcina is the second highest scoring defenceman on the Capitals with 14 points and the Bruins gave him away. Tom Poti is the third highest scoring defenceman with 13 points. Green is +24 on a team without a goaltender."

No other defensemen and no goaltender. Green shouldn't win the Vezina, he should win the Hart and maybe the Nobel Prize for Hockey (hey, create the award for him...he's that good, apparently) for good measure.


toymechanic said...

"caused global warming"

damn that's kinda of ironic

Flying Cloud said...

Trying this again --
As a Cap, Keith Jones once proudly asserted on television that he always traveled light on road trips, packing only a toothbrush in his jacket pocket. We inferred this meant no change of linen --Eeeeuw! Talk about stinking!

Dan, Jr. said...

A little too much praise for Green, and a little too harsh on Theo. Sometimes these media guys don't think before they speak.