Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Top Ten Excuses President Obama Will Use Not to Attend a Caps Game

The Boss reports that he had the pleasure of meeting President Barack Obama at Georgetown University yesterday, and he took the opportunity to invite the Leader of the Free World to a Caps game.

As intriguing as the idea sounds (and one we've pondered as well), we're just not getting that "hockey guy" vibe with the President. We even suspect there are any number of excuses he could use to decline the invitation. We've compiled such a "top ten" list...

Top Ten Excuses Barack Obama Will Use Not to Attend a Caps Game...

10. Michelle doesn't have anything to wear

9. We couldn't find a dog sitter on such short notice

8. I have to stay home and figure out my 2010 NCAA brackets

7. That's the night Putin's sleeping over

6. Malia is allergic to hockey

5. It's on my to-do list...right after "fight two wars," "save the global economy," "provide health insurance to every American," "implement green energy policies," "get the American car industry back on its feet," "restore our banking system to health," and "pick up a bag of IAMS for Bo."

4. I don't need to go see Sean Avery...I have to deal with Rahm Emanuel every day.

3. The Presidential Limousine is in the shop and won't be out until Tuesday

2. You've sold out all your games, and the Secret Service guys couldn't get tickets.

...and the number one excuse Barack Obama will use not to attend a Caps game:

1. Sorry, but I have a strict rule about watching sports with no balls.

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Vincetastic said...

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