Friday, April 17, 2009

We're Blinding You...With Science!

By now you've read a fair number of essays and tables expounding on the matter of what a team's chances are in winning, losing, or splitting games 1 and 2, especially the importance of Game 2.

OK, fine. have the Caps done in their history of frustration and despair in the playoffs in Games 1 and 2, and how has this translated into series won and lost?

Here is how the Caps break down, by Game 1 and Game 2 results, and the number of series wins and losses in each category...

Win Game 1/Win Game 2: 3 series won/3 series lost

W/L: 3-10

L/W: 4-2

L/L: 0-4

If the Caps win Game 2 tomorrow, you'd like their chances, based on their history. But, should they lose...

No pressure guys, eh?

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