Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Do you really want this man mad?

"Can you imagine if he gave (Varlamov) an injury, what are we going to do? If it's not going to be called it's going to be a terrible decision and I'm going to be (mad) about it."

-- Alex Ovechkin on the decision by the NHL not to suspend
Penguin Chris Kunitz for his late game stick work on Semyon Varlamov


Anonymous said...

i am not

this space for rent said...

You know, him being mad might just not be a bad thing. You know what happens when he gets mad.

The Hardys said...

This non-call was total BS! Shame on Bettman and the League.

Anonymous said...

During most of the second game on Monday I kept asking myself if Pittsburgh thought getting OV angry was a good strategy. It just seemed they were pissing him off during the whole game until finally, well, history...(and congrats to Sid. He did good, too.).

So now they want to make him really angry? Good Lord...hell yes! Do it! Go Caps and go OV!

Paul R

Anonymous said...

gee, in retrospect (post-Game 4)...this is really, really funny.

and how mad are you supposed to get if you *do* injure someone, Alex?