Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The next course..."Moose"

It was Penguin...

...then Bruin...

...now, Moose.

Moose is not generally a dessert course, but it'll do. The Manitoba Moose closed out the Houston Aeros last night, 3-1, to win the AHL Western Conference series, four games to two. So now, we know who the opponent will be for the Hershey Bears in the Calder Cup finals. The Bears roared back with four straight wins after dropping the opener in the Eastern Conference final, the last victory being a 5-2 win in Providence to end the Bruins' season, four games to one.

The schedule for the Calder Cup final is out, for those of you thinking of a trip up to Hershey.

Games three, four, and five will be played in Hershey on June 6 (Sat.), June 7 (Sun.), and June 9 (Tues.). The teams have not met this season.

photo: Kris Craig, The Providence Journal

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Unknown said...

any idea if any of the games will be televised?