Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hanlon's Razor

No, we're not going to jump into a tell-all about former Caps coach Glen Hanlon's taste in shaving inplements. It's one of those catchy "laws" that get stuffed into compilations of Murphy's Laws. What Hanlon's Razor states is:

"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."

And that brings us to... Eklund. Caps fans have no doubt indulged in the click that dare not speak its name and seen him predict (in the same manner Jeane Dixon or Kreskin might "predict") that every hockey player whose name ended in "ov" would find their way to the Capitals (it's a Russian thing). Well, he's outdone himself this time.

In today's entry, The Bard of Bovine Excrement opines that the Caps are in the mix for no fewer than four of the remaining free agents:

Martin Skoula
Brendan Shanahan
Sergei Zubov (there's that "ov" thing)
Maxim Afinogenov (again with the "ov)

Does this boob even click on his own page? Is he clueless as to his own "Cap Central" tab (actually something worth clicking on)? Can he not see that the Caps are hard and fast against the salary cap? In a fit of message board logic, we suppose, here is (one supposes) how this works...

George McPhee trades Michael Nylander to the New York Rangers (we'll assume Nylander would want to play there) for tickets to "Superior Donuts" at the Music Box Theatre this fall. There goes $4,875,000 in cap hit.

Then, McPhee trades Jose Theodore to Boston for tickets to the Winter Classic in January (shoot, there ought to be one Cap there). $4,500,000 in cap hit just went -poof-.

Now... just a million for Skoula, a couple mil for Shanahan (hey, he's a hall of famer in waiting), and a million each for the "ov's"...

Hey, it could work!

... idiot.

But hey, I clicked on it.

<----- idiot.

* Thanks to The Official for a push to this breaking news.

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