Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What's wrong with this picture?

Go ahead... we'll give you a moment?

OK, yeah, the 11th spot in Allan Muir's "NHL Power Rankings" at seems way low for the Capitals, but that's not it.

Check the fine print. "Last Week: 9."

Huh? It's August, dill weed. How can the Caps -- any team, for that matter -- rise, fall, or be abducted by aliens in August? Did the Caps lose a free agent last week? Did Alexander Semin sign in Russia last weekend when we weren't looking?

And we can't even hazard a silly wild-assed guess as to why it is that Calgary went up seven spots from "last week" (unless by "last week," you mean, "before Jay Bouwmeester was signed" or "last May"), or how the Flyers jumped eight spots.

August... when the world of hockey goes insane.

Thanks to Japers for pointing the way to this.


tacobutt said...

This was worth an update?

Using the same reference, why not discuss why Boston is in 5th, who is beaten by Carolina in 9th, who are swept by the champs. Does that even make sense vs. 11th caps?

Anonymous said...

Didn't think that many off season moves had happened lately.

Haven't heard of Semin signing with the NHL lately. Just pictures of him going to Moscow and now to the Krasnoyarsk Sea near his home

eobsimmon said...

Uh, Peerless?

""last week" is merely where each team stood in the final regular season PRs for 2008-09."

The Peerless said...

That's a rather sloppy bit of reporting then, isn't it? Not what one would expect of major media outlet.