Monday, September 07, 2009

2009 Rookie Camp -- Day One

Hockey is back!

This morning the Capitals kicked off their 2009 rookie camp with a spirited two-hour session that didn’t lack for entertainment on a Labor Day Monday. It didn’t provide much in the way of hints about who’s up and who’s down, but it was something of a “get acquainted” session. As in, get acquainted with skating… lots of it. Some snippets…

Semyon Varlamov and Braden Holtby manned the nets for the inaugural session, Michal Neuvirth being held out of this one.

Let it be said that Kevin Schmidt was fingered to do the first lap of camp for being tardy to the chalkboard when called by coach Bruce Boudreau.

Joe Finley started the morning at forward, but he did not return to the ice after an intermission to resurface the ice. Apparently, he took an injury in the opening session.

Anton Gustafsson paid homage to Tiger Williams upon his return to the ice after the resurfacing intermission, riding his stick across the ice to the players’ bench. On the heels of that video he did a short while back, we're thinking YounGus lives in his own world.

Stefan Della Rovere did not appear in today’s drills, apparently nursing an injury of his own.

We took some snapshots of the proceedings, and here are some scenes…

Coach Evason wondering why his number isn't hanging down at the other end with Labre, Hunter, Gartner, and Langway

Zach Miskovic, wearing the equivalent of a "KICK ME" sign on the back of his helmet

Arturs Irbe chatting with Semyon Varlamov during drills

More chatting...

...and more chatting...

Your turn, Holtby...Archie seems to have that whole "hands on" thing down with the goalies.

Joe Finley towers over his was the last Finley sighting of the day.

Coach Woods whispering..."oh, are you guys in for it in a few minutes..."

Why is John Carlson wearing Alexander Semin's gloves? Maybe he thinks he can find an extra dozen or so goals in them.

Herbie Time!

Dmitry Kugryshev reprising last year's "Oh, God, come and take me now" pose.


Jimmy Jazz said...

I was standing about five feet from you during those shots.

Dougeb said...

More great work, Peerless.

The Caps certainly are deep in between the pipes and the blueline.

I'm just wondering: trade now or trade later??!!