Sunday, September 20, 2009

Scenes from a Sunday

We took in the Sunday matinee practice at Kettler. Tomas Fleischmann donned the yellow jersey which meant he had the ice to himself for some skating and conditioning action, and he will be today's leader in the Tour de France bicycle race.

Eric Fehr skated in a green jersey this afternoon, so he seems to be progressing to the point where he's close to seeing real live action.

Michael Nylander also wore a green jersey, because as we all know, "green means..."

We got one last glimpse of Joe Finley heading over to the locker room (he was among the players designated for Hershey today), and yes, he is a very large young man, even without the benefit of pads and the added inches of a pair of skates.

And here are some images of the action...

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