Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So, this being the season of prognostications, and we being a practioner of the prognostitorial arts, we thought we’d come up with ten silly wild-assed prognostications (hence the term, "SWAPs") for the Caps in this up coming season.

Number 10… The Capitals have never led the NHL in power play conversion success. Last year’s second-place finish to Detroit and their 25.2 percent success rate are franchise bests. This year, the Caps will lead the NHL in power play conversions at 27.7 percent.

Number 9… The Capitals have never had an undefeated month (five games played minimum). January 2000 is their best on record (11-1-2). This club will have an undefeated (in regulation) February.

Number 8… The Caps have never had a 100-power play goal season (in 1992-1993 they had 97). This year, that mark will be topped.

Number 7… Nicklas Backstrom will break the club record for consecutive games with an assists (nine, held by Dave Christian and Bengt Gustafsson)

Number 6… The Caps will set a franchise record for playoff goals scored, team (currently 54, by the 1988 squad)

Number 5… Quintin Laing will have a two-goal game. They will be his only two goals of the season.

Number 4… Matt Bradley will fight Donald Brashear. Bradley will win the bout when Brashear keels over in laughter at Bradley dropping his gloves.

Number 3… Michael Nylander will score a goal this year…against the Caps.

Number 2… Alex Ovechkin will carry home five trophies – Hart, Ross, Pearson, Richard, and…

…wait for it…

…Conn Smythe.

And the Number 1 prognostication for the Caps this season.

...Plan your parade route, kids, there’s hardware comin’ to town!


Anonymous said...

LOL @ Brads vs Brash

Stokley Rose said...

Coming from anyone but you, I would consider this a jinx...I'm not sure if you should take that as a complement or not. Great stuff as always, Peerless!

Anonymous said...

I love you, but it's going to hurt to read this in May.

Diane said...

Would love it if Predictions 1 & 2 come through for us this year. (I'd settle for Ovi not winning all the other trophies provided Caps win the Cup.)