Monday, October 05, 2009

Just thought we'd point this out

It's been 20 years since the Red Wings opened a regular season with two consecutive losses.

The last time a team won a Stanley Cup after losing their first two games?...

... 1980, the New York Islanders.

Only six Islanders were born when that happened (only ten Red Wings, for that matter).

Just a little bit o' history to brighten your day.


Hooks Orpik said...

If Osgood's going to revert with his regular season performances again from 2008-09, Detroit could be in a world of hurt. Ty Conklin's not around to bail them out this season. Jimmy Howard looks baaad.

I know better than to throw the first shovel of dirt on them....But yikes.

Diane said...

Well Hooks, I see you're getting a little schadenfreude at the Wings' recent fortunes.

I have nothing against the Wings' myself but they were not my pick to repeat as Western Conference champs.

toymechanic said...

All good things(or bad) must come to an end