Saturday, October 10, 2009

Something got us thinking

We were visiting the Red Wings web site, and we took note of the various season ticket plans that were available. Leaving aside the fact that we never thought we'd ever see the Red Wings advertising this late in the year for season ticket plans, we were struck by what was available.

Of course, they have the "45 game" plan that covers all regular seaon and preseason games (note to staff... there are less than 45 games left, unless you're going to include playoff games at this point).

But the Wings also have a 19-game plan that they call the "Yzerman" plan for Stevie Y's number. Then there is the 9-game plan named for, you guessed it, Gordie Howe.

We were wondering, how might the Caps employ such a scheme?

- First, a 19-game or a 9-game plan won't work. Somehow, the "Brendan Witt" plan or the "Dainus Zubrus" plan doesn't seem like a stroke of marketing genius.

- The 37-game "Kolzig" plan. The games with Pittsburgh and Philly aren't included because he never did particularly well against those teams anyway.

- The 20 game "Metropolit" plan to commemorate all the teams in North America and Europe for which he has played (ok, it's 18... sue me).

- The four game "Alexei Tezikov" plan that includes games against the Islanders, Coyotes, Thrashers, and Avalanche... figure it out.

- The 11-game "Esa Tikkanen" plan, but you get to miss all your games.

- The 18-game "Craig Laughlin" plan that comes with coupons for biscuits in a basket.

- The 16-game plan "Trevor Linden" plan, but you only get to attend ten games before your remaining tickets are sent to Vancouver.

- The 25-game "Mike Grier" plan, but you never get to see a game, because you keep dropping your ticket on the way to the gate.

- The 68-game "Jaromir Jagr" plan, but it'll cost you 10 million bucks, and they'll be lousy seats.

- The 40-game "Nolan Yonkman" plan, but you see only four games before you trip on the stairs and break a foot.

... just a thought.


Diane said...

Maybe, 20 years or so from now, we can have the 19 game Backstrom Plan. He's doing honor to #19.

Usually Frustrated Caps Fan said...

Love the humour Peerles! Great jibes...