Thursday, November 05, 2009

Meanwhile, Down on the Farm

The Bears have among the AHL league leaders:


Alexandre Giroux: 7 (T-4th)
Andrew Gordon: 7 (T-4th)


Alexandre Giroux: 10 (T-4th)
Andrew Gordon: 9 (T-7th)

Power Play Goals:

Andrew Gordon: 5 (T-2nd)

Power Play Assists:

Alexandre Giroux: 4 (T-9th)

Shorthanded Goals:

Steve Pinizzotto: 2 (T-1st)

Game-Winning Goals:

Alexandre Giroux: 2 (T-4th)


Alexandre Giroux: +11 (1st)

Rookie Scoring:

John Carlson: 1-7-8 (T-9th)

Goals Against Average:

Jason Bacashihua: 1.00 (2nd)

Save Percentage:

Jason Bacashihua: .962 (2nd)


Braden Holtby: 1 (T-4th)
Jason Bacashihua: 1 (T-4th)

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