Sunday, December 13, 2009

No worries?

"I don't think [the Caps are] worried about, at any point in the game, about defending -- they're thinking about scoring the next goal."

-- Ron Wilson, Toronto Maple Leafs Coach

That observation came after last night's 6-3 Leafs win over the Caps. It betrays an inconvenient truth. If the Caps don't score -- a lot -- they don't win, at least not with any regularity.

The Caps have seven losses in regulation this year. In all of them they scored three or fewer goals. They have shown a lack of ability to prevail in close, low-scoring games. Their overall record in games in which they score three goals or fewer is 6-7-4.

Having to outscore their own defense is not a long-term strategy for success.


Diane said...

If you counted OT losses as losses, we would be behind Pittsburgh and NJ. I'd say if I were a fan of the 8th seed at playoff time (or maybe of the 7th seed), I'd be drooling with anticipation of a VERY good chance of advancing past Round 1.

wittcap79 said...

Um, wow. "VERY" good chance of advancing!? That's pretty a pretty aggressive statement.

They have the 3rd fewest home losses of any team in the league that is anywhere near playoff contention,5,(Chicago,Vancouver) and the fewest of any team in the East.

They have some nasty flaws but as it stands, I don't see Ottawa, Montreal, NYI, Atlanta, or TB taking the Caps in the playoffs. Especially with a 6-3 record and only one loss in regulation.