Sunday, December 06, 2009

Top Ten

And now, the top ten reasons Daniel Carcillo sucker punched Matt Bradley...

Number 10. ““He kind of came at me the shift before. He was talking to me before. I thought we were going to fight."

Number 9. “Everything happened pretty quick, I saw him drop his gloves, so I started punching him."

Number 8. “I didn’t like the sissy helmet he wears.”

Number 7. “I was channeling my inner Dave Schultz.”

Number 6. “I didn’t have one yet this week.”

Number 5. “I needed a quick tune up before my pay-per-view bout with Bobby Pulaski of the Camden Mites.”

Number 4. “Nothing impresses a new coach like taking 29 minutes in penalties and putting my team on a nine-minute penalty kill.”

Number 3. “I needed one more fight to get a free ‘I’m a Broad Street Bully’ bumper sticker”

Number 2. “Ian Laperriere was parading around the locker room before the game saying, “I’m the fight king, I’m the fight king!’”

And the number one reason Daniel Carcillo sucker punched Matt Bradley…

“What, you expect me to play hockey?”

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