Friday, January 15, 2010

In Honor of "National Hat Day!"

Today is "National Hat Day," an opportunity to show your allegiance loudly (sometimes too loudly) and proudly.

You could wear a traditional, if jaunty, baseball cap...

...or maybe you celebrated the holidays with this little number.

Something for the ladies, perhaps (although real female hockey fans would probably cross-check you right in the Koho)

Or maybe something "old school" (I have one of these from the old days that is my lucky "mow the lawn" hat...really, I mow the lawn wearing one of these)

And for those of you who admire the "lunch pail" skills of hockey...

...and those who exhibit those skills.

Or something for when you're shoveling the snow or standing on that frigid Metro platform...

...or, well...we don't know what to make of this.

And then there is the "sort-of" hat for those warm days when you're out for a run.

Or strolling along the Verizon Center concourse.

But we all know what Caps fans' favorite hats are, don't we?

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Flying Cloud said...

Very cute! I like the Fedorov photo, too -- he did a lot more smiling here in Washington than at his previous teams. The site is speculating that he might carry the flag in the opening ceremonies. He might be the first Capitals player to do so. He'll probably be wearing a hat of some sort, but not this one, I suspect.