Monday, February 22, 2010

Your Capital Olympians

After the preliminary round, here is how they stack up...

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Usually Frustrated Caps Fan said...

The Ovechkin - Malkin - Semin line was an awesome thing to watch in yesterday's game against the Czechs.

The Russians need to simplify their powerplay and a few other guys need to shoot more like Ovechkin did yestrday IMHO.

It was our Anniversary so I missed the USA - Canada game but I can't wait to watch the saved version tonight when I get home....

This Olympicvs is turing into a real bonanza for Hockey matter who you are cheering for... Me, I'm "Born In The USA" so I'm psyched our guys got a bye and advance to the quarters. As a Caps fan after the USA I'm rooting for in order 1) USA, 2) Russia, 3) Sweden; 4) anybody but Canada (still irked over the Mike Green "snub").

U-S-A...U-S-A ... U-S-A..