Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Tale of Two Games

Alex Ovechkin . . .

Game one: He hasn't scored, he looks sluggish, he hasn't scored, maybe he's hurt, he hasn't scored, what's up with his girlfriend, he hasn't scored, he was -4, he hasn't scored

Game Two: Woo-Hoo! He scored, 15 shots!, he scored, six hits, he scored, Sidney-who?, he scored, did you see that tip-in?, he scored

Olie Kolzig . . .

Game One: a goal 29 seconds in?, Mr. Softee, put Johnson in, same old -- emphasis on 'old' -- story

Game Two: O-lie O-lie O-lie, stood on his head, kept 'em it in early, He da man!

Brian Pothier . . .

Game One: $2.5 million for this guy?

Game Two: Three assists?...the blue line QB we've been waiting for!

Kris Beech . . .

Game One: Career AHLer

Game Two: Hey, he's pretty good!

The Caps . . .

Game One: What do you know about Angelo Esposito?

Game Two: Will the parade be down Pennsylvania Avenue?

. . . welcome to hockey in Washington

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