Thursday, September 13, 2007

Coverage Swarm

James Mirtle, who has a blog himself, has a piece in this week's edition of The Hockey News that features the relationship between Caps Chairman and majority owner, Ted Leonsis, and the blogging community that has sprouted up around the club.

Well, a good portion of that community swarmed Voorhies, NJ, to observe the contest between the Caps' rookie contingent and that of the Philadelphia Flyers. Not having had the opportunity to attend, myself, The Peerless will leave it to you to peruse the observations of those who did...

A View from the Cheap Seats
Capital Insider
Dump and Chase
The Kevin Hatcher Fan Club
Puckhead's Thoughts

And this doesn't even include the other heavyweights such as On Frozen Blog, Off Wing Opinion, Japers' Rink, DC Sports Chick, Capital Fanatic (it's early -- The Peerless doesn't know at this hour if they were in attendance) . . . shoot, just look over there in the right margin and click for yourself. There are a lot of folks who have their eyes, ears, and keyboards tuned to the Caps. In fact, JP of Japers' Rink does your aggregating for you at Washington Hockey Daily.

If this -- a rookie game in early September -- is an indication of what is to come, the Caps' community will not lack for things to read and see via narrative, picture, audio, and video this season.

Just as the club might have reached a tipping point in its rebuild, ready to make the leap from league also-ran to playoff contender, so does the Caps' blogging community stand at what might be a tipping "alternative stream media" (ASM) that adds a richer, Caps-centric brand of coverage to the club with game highlights, observations, and things you just won't read (or see or hear) anywhere else.

The Caps' Coverage Swarm. It's coming to

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