Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Real NHL...

“I think the real NHL is the Anaheim Mighty Ducks.”

George McPhee said this on The John Thompson Show on Sportstalk 980 this afternoon* in response to a question from Al Koken on whether the "real" NHL was the fast-paced, room-for-the-little-guy version, or if it was that reflected in the style of the Ducks. His point was that the Ducks were talented, and they were tough.

The question now becomes, “are the Caps talented and tough enough to make a run at the playoffs?” George, citing Donald Brashear, Brian Sutherby, and others, clearly seems to think the Caps are at least headed in that direction.

The nice thing about sports is that it reveals the truth of such claims. So we’re going to see whether the Caps are tough enough, talented enough, to make that run for the playoffs.

Thanks to CapsDC on The Official for the reminder.

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