Friday, October 12, 2007

The Jagr Option

No, it is not the latest thriller to hit the big screen, it is the language in the contract Jaromir Jagr signed in 2001 that could put the Caps on the hook for a portion of his salary with the Rangers next year. As Tarik El-Bashir reports in today's Post, the option could be triggered by the Rangers if any of the following were to occur:

-- If the Rangers win a playoff round this season and Jagr scores 40 goals during the regular season.

-- If they win a playoff round and he scores 84 points during the regular season.

-- If he wins the Hart (MVP), Art Ross (scoring title) or Conn Smythe (playoff MVP) trophies.

Jagr could conceivably reach every standard this year. However, the tricky parts lurk in the first two standards...the use of the word "and." Could Jagr score 40 goals in the regular season and the Rangers win a playoff round? Certainly. Is it likely? The Peerless thinks 40 goals will be a stretch.

Could the Rangers win a playoff round and Jagr score 84 points? Definitely. But is it likely? Barring injury, this seems to be where the trigger will be pulled on the option. In his last 14 seasons, Jagr has never scored fewer than 94 points in a full season (he had 70 in the 48-game season of 1994-95)...well, except in any season in which he played for the Caps.

The option might give him the comfort to add to such tender moments as these that he has experienced through his career...

...or at least give him the chance to stock his shelves...

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Hans B. said...

I know it's insanely early for this sort of talk, but it would be mighty interesting if Jagr scored his points and Washington ended up playing the Rags in the first round?