Friday, October 12, 2007

Memo to Cox: WE WANT OUR CAPS!!!

It isn’t bad enough that hockey in general suffers some pretty grim TV numbers, but some local fans are getting royally hosed in trying just to watch their hometown heroes. Amid the jumble of cable providers in this area, we have Cox Communications, which apparently does not (as of this writing) provide Comcast Sports Net+ nor Comcast Sports Net in HD, part of the Comcast SportsNet local broadcast partnership that shows Washington Capitals games.

Whatever corporate battle might be at work here between the two communications behemoths (compared to the consumer, they’re all behemoths), the bottom line for a lot of faithful Caps fans is that they might not have access to their team for up to 17 games this season, beginning with tomorrow’s contest against the Buffalo Sabres. And for a club that is longing to expand its fan community, not to mention a loyal segment of that community that would be thrilled to see those games on TV, it is an important issue.

A perusal of The Official indicates that Cox is at least creating the appearance of listening to requests to work out an arrangement to renew its programming agreement with Comcast SportsNet. Even the big guy has gotten involved, to his credit (one hopes that what he's been led to believe comes to pass). However, Comcast SportsNet is reporting that while it will carry the game on its Comcast SportsNet+ station, Cox will be the only cable/satellite provider in the Washington region not carrying the broadcast.

We think someone is missing the boat, here…as in, this ship is about to sail and it might be a good thing to get on it. For the first time in several seasons, the Capitals have a legitimate shot at some real regular season success and a playoff berth. Marry that to the buzz of new players and a new look, not to mention perhaps the single most dynamic athlete in this area in Alexander Ovechkin, and it is a team that has its best chance in years to re-stake a claim to a significant segment of the Washington sports fan population. Would not a provider want to take advantage of that?...perhaps even while still negotiating a programming agreement?

While there is a commercial issue between these providers, there is a “goodwill” issue here, too. It doesn’t appear to make a great deal of sense to antagonize an entire group of customers on the basis of a negotiating chip such as this, especially since carrying the station on Cox apparently costs them nothing.

If you are among those affected by this matter, it can’t hurt to make your voice heard. Give ‘em a call… Cox in Fairfax: 703-378-8422, Cox in Fredericksburg: 540-373-6343, or fire an e-mail at them, or get in touch any way they'll let you.

Say it loud, say it proud…We want our Caps!

And do it fast!...Tomorrow's game is the first one that Cox subscribers will miss, and the clock is ticking.

Thanks to LoveMyCaps on The Official for shedding the light on this.


a very willful boy said...

I don't have much to say that hasn't already been said, but if Cox doesn't get its crap together in time, Bugsy's Pizza and Sports bar in Alexandria is a very hockey-friendly venue run by a former Cap and linemate of Gordie Howe. They get NHL Center Ice feeds, so it's sure to be on there.

(no, I don't work for them, but I'm a regular there)

Jill said...

Thanks for the coverage, Peerless...there is now an update on this issue on the home page at