Sunday, January 06, 2008

Barry Melrose...Caps fan?

This was posted on ESPN a couple of days ago, but Melrose's mid-year trophy picks include a couple of Caps among the finalists and one "winner."


Chris said...

My prediction at the beginning of the year was that the Caps would be the 6-8 seed in the playoffs that NO ONE wanted to play. They have built themselves a hill to climb, but if they make the playoffs, as Melrose seems to think they have a shot at doing, that is exactly what they are going to be . . . especially for Ottawa.

JP said...

Jesus - did Barry grow the goatee to distract from the duckbill mullet or vice versa?

And that's some nice love from Melrose, though he'd be wise not to sleep on young Nicklas.

The Peerless said...

Every day, in every way, Melrose is turning into Mitch Miller