Friday, March 07, 2008

A Ring of Honor

Corey Masisak penned a column in this morning's Washington Times under the headline, "Caps Need an Honor Roll."

It's certainly a topic worthy of discussion, and now might be the best time to get that ball -- or puck, if you will -- rolling.

Why is this the "best time?" Well, for those of you who frequented RFK Stadium for Nationals games the past few years, you no doubt remember seeing the Washington hall of stars banner displayed in right field.

RFK -- home to the Senators, Redskins, DC United, and Nationals over the years, not to mention some famous media personalities who covered those teams -- was a logical place to honor Washington's sports heroes, without respect to the sport they played or covered.

But now, with Washington home to arenas that are dedicated to sports -- FedEx Field for the Redskins, the new Nationals Park opening for the baseball team, Verizon Center for the Wizards and Capitals, RFK still for the United -- it might be the best time to introduce the idea of a Ring of Honor at Verizon Center to honor those who played and chronicled events under its roof (and, by extension, the old Capital Centre/USAirways Arena).

A "Ring of Honor" might be a difficult thing to accomplish, logistically, since the obvious choices for locations for such a ring are now display boards for in-game advertisements or messages. But perhaps a ring above the made of banners to be hung as one might do with championship honor those of the Bullets, Wizards, and Capitals who have distinguished themselves over the years; to honor a Dave Fay or a Ron Weber in a manner befitting the best that Washington winter sports and sports journalism has to offer.

Readers, what say you?


WFY said...

I would hope for something like RFK had originally, with each name getting its own sign. Those got taken down in favor of ribbon scoreboards and advertisements.

Rob said...

Thanks for pointing this out!

I think it's a great idea. The Caps do have something small at Kettler, but it's not in the public section so most people don't get to see it.

They really should do that, especially if they don't retire Bondra's number (which they should, especially since it's essentially out of the rotation anyway).

Calle, Beaupre (sp?), Kelly Millers and others (some of whom were part of the jersey unveiling) could be a nice first class-- and another connection to a very storied past.