Friday, March 07, 2008

The week in...ugh.

Tim Thomas...goaltender for the Boston Bruins...bad week. Really bad. Dog tossing its Ken-L-Ration in the toilet kind of week:

0-2-0, 10.54, .744

When the day dawned on Monday, Thomas was 23-14-4, 2.36, .925. Then, he gave up seven goals on 24 shots in 36:30 -- getting pulled twice -- in a 10-2 loss to Washington. He followed that up by allowing five goals on 23 shots in 31:50 in an 8-2 loss to Toronto last night, getting pulled in the second period, upon which he "disappeared under the stands to throw a nutty, relieving himself of the frustrations of a second straight yanking." So now, he's 23-16-4, 2.57, .920. Instead of being second in save percentage, he's seventh. Instead of being 13th in goals against, he's 19th.

Bad week.

And it's not like Alex Auld has been leaps and bounds better, either...
0-0-1, 3.75, .881

He did have a superb effort in a 1-0 overtime loss to Florida, but he also gave up six goals on 27 shots (.778) in 51:40 of work (6.96 GAA) in the other two games, too.

Boston, which before this swift turn had been on a 7-0-1 run, is in seventh place in the Eastern Conference, only five points ahead of the Capitals. As if it needs repeating...the Bruins' next game is tomorrow, against the Caps.

Let's hope the Caps put the Bruins in the mood to once more, "throw a nutty."

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