Friday, November 14, 2008

NHL, Ticketmaster partnering on ticket re-sale service

"Ticket holders seeking to sell tickets through can do so in the dependable and convenient domain of the official ticket exchange. The ticket resale service provides fans the opportunity to find and buy tickets in a fan-friendly and secure environment. It also enables ticket buyers to electronically validate the resold tickets at the time of purchase."

"Fan-friendly"..."secure"...can I have cookies with that warm milk, too?


MacVechkin, fka JR said...

So now even more ways to find a way t o Ticketmaster service charges. I'm sure the $5 to print your own tickets on your own paper still applies.

Ticketmaster: turning rape into an art form.

tg said...

There's still the one on the Caps web site that I think tries to keep tickets within the Capitals "family" as opposed to opening them to the public at large.

Bhuck George said...

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