Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Levitator

"That was one of the luckiest shots I've ever seen. It was about three inches off the ice until it was halfway to me. Then it just started to lift."

-- Boston goalie Tim Thomas

"As a goalie, looking at the puck, it went back up. I know it doesn't look good, but it's a tough play. It's not a good feeling for a goalie."

-- Washington goalie, Jose Theodore

"[I] was tired and trying to shoot the puck in the zone. [I] was a little surprised, but sometimes it happens."

-- Caps forward, Alexander Semin

All of them are describing what would prove to be the game-winning goal, scored by Semin 22 seconds into overtime of this afternoon's 4-3 win over Boston. Rick Vaughn had "The Terminator" fastball in the movie, "Major League." Semin can now name one of his shots...

"The Levitator."


CapsFan75 said...

The Seminator strikes again!!

Anonymous said...

The High Rising Fast Ball
Watch out! The Nats have gaps in their bullpen!

Mark B aka: Usually Frustrated Caps Fan said...

I think we can finally have a proper nick for Semin besides "The Other Alex" - I vote for "The Levitator" ....