Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Goat, The Horn Guy, and now... Jake

The Caps certainly have their collection of unique fans. One whose voice in full-throated cheer would drown out a 747 at takeoff... another whose sense of timing, chap-resistent lips, and leather lungs belt out horn calls at the right moments. Now, we have a dog that knows the proper role for a penguin... chew toy.

Like the video says... "Good Jake."

tip of prognostitorial cap to sickleandhammer over at Japers' Rink for this one.

1 comment:

nuftjedi said...

I have a penguin all set for our dog, but just have been too lazy to film him destroying it yet. well done :)

I had thought to just wait and instead of the penguin, just do the first round opponent and then 2nd and so on.