Saturday, April 03, 2010

Keyboard Certainties

“If the playoffs started today, the Flyers would travel to Washington to face the top-seeded Capitals - a guaranteed quick exit.”

-- Frank Seravalli, of the Philadelphia Daily News, in his recap this morning of the Flyers’ 1-0 loss to Montreal last night

“The Bruins will finish in the neighbourhood of 30 points behind last year's 116 and are missing 77 goals from the 2008-09 campaign. And, if they do make the playoffs, they are likely to be fed to the Capitals.”

-- Jim Hughson, CBC Sports, April 2nd

“…the Habs are still a 35-percent favorite to be the Capitals' (first-round sacrifice) finish eighth.”

-- Greg Wyshynski, “Puck Daddy,” April 1st

It’s nice and all to think that the Capitals are this hockey behemoth, this juggernaut that has a gold plated path to the Stanley Cup finals, but here is your fun thought for the day as the Caps close in on the Presidents Trophy…

Of the past nine Presidents Trophy winners, three won the Stanley Cup…

…and three were bounced in the first round.

That’s why they play the games.


D'ohboy said...

To quote Tobias Fünke, "Douche-chill."

Just kidding. . . nice perspective.

Diane said...

How rapidly things change.

Only 2 years ago, the Caps were the outfit that went from "worst to first" in their division and were the "feel good" underdog story of the year.

Now, they're the behemoth that everyone is scared of their team meeting. (Even though the Caps still feel like underdogs, psychologically speaking.)

Usually Frustrated Caps Fan said...

Nice perspective - yep you just have to win 16 of 28 games, playing them and winning them ... on the ice ... one game at a time...