Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sittin' at the end of the bar...

Things we bet you wouldn’t have expected…

-- Sure, you might not have expected that Alexander Semin would have no goals in this series, but he’s also been on the ice for a grand total of one goal scored against. Still, we would like to see him break out of that goal-scoring schneid in a big way tomorrow night.

-- One other Cap has played in all five games and has been on the ice for only one goal against. I’d tell you who it was, but it wouldn’t be Fehr to give it away.

-- Which Cap has been on the ice for the most goals so far? Mike Knuble, don’t sit down.

-- Mr. Plus 50 and Mr. Plus 39 each have been on the ice for eight goals against of the 16 total scored by Montreal.

-- Speaking of Green, that’s 13 straight games without a goal (one in 19 career playoff games... edit: as Red Army Line points out in the comments, that's 1 goal in his last 19 playoff games; Green has four in 26 career playoff games... the perils of writing at two in the morning from the end of the bar).

-- And speaking of Schultz, he has six career playoff games and is a minus player in four of them.

-- Still, the Caps have three of the top four players in plus/minus (Tom Poti, John Carlson, and Nicklas Backstrom) and four of the top seven (Alex Ovechkin adding to the list).

-- Look, we love Carlson, and he is going to be a whale of a defenseman in due time. But no player in the playoffs has coughed up the puck as many times so far (12).

-- Carlson seems able to outskate his mistakes, though… he’s only been on the ice for two goals against.

-- In fact, the Caps have two of the “top” four defensemen in the giveaway category (Green has seven). But in the “bad news for Norris finalists” category, only five defensemen have a worse “plus/minus” at home than Drew Doughty, and only two have a worse one than Duncan Keith.

-- Caps fans, when you’re watching Game 6, you will be forgiven if your mouths start to water when Marc-Andre Bergeron takes the ice. Bad things happen to the Habs when he’s on Bell Centre ice in this series. No defenseman has a worse plus/minus than his minus-6.

-- 33 players have more shots on goal than Alex Ovechkin. Mike Grier is one of them. We are not making that up.

-- Eric Fehr has as many shots in almost exactly half the ice time (11:46/game versus 22:31/game).

-- Only six players have a higher shooting percentage than Ovechkin’s 31.3 percent. Daniel Carcillo is one of them. We are not making that up, either (OK, he’s only taken six shots, but still…).

-- Alexander Semin does NOT have the most missed shots so far in the playoffs. But he can see the top from where he is (13). Ilya Kovalchuk and Patrick Marleau each have 14.

-- Caps fans, you’re going to want to watch Mike Cammalleri. Twice he has scored the first goal of the game. Both times, the Canadiens won.

-- If you toss out that Game 7 Semyon Varlamov had against the Penguins last year, he has a career playoff GAA or 2.19 and a save percentage of .924 in 16 appearances.

-- Over the past three seasons, including this one, the Caps are averaging scoring more than a goal a game better on the road (3.73) than they are at home (2.67).

What it all really boils down to is, if the Caps put forth the effort they did on Saturday, then there will be hockey on Wednesday, and it will not be against the Flyers. But if they play to an effort level commensurate with their skill, then there won’t be any need to use those Game 4 tickets for a game against the Canadiens at Verizon Center.

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Red Army Line said...

Green I think has 4 goals in 26 career playoff games, but 1 in 19 over the past two seasons.

I hope to not see an "regression to the mean" for an 8-in-red-wearing left winger in terms of shooting %.