Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Well, to be more accurate, I'm not going to get all bent out of shape about it...

The schedule that is.

The full schedule for the NHL regular season has been released.  As fans pour over the details, you'll probably read in other places concerning other teams (maybe even the Caps, too) that there are too many long road trips, too many back-to-back games, games too close together against arch-rivals, a first meeting against a tough opponent coming too late or too early...



The Caps play 41 at home, 41 on the road, so all I care about concerning the schedule are that the Caps:

1.  Play an entertaining and effective game over the 82-game season;
2.  Suffer no debilitating injuries over the course of it; and
3.  Finish in the top-three at the end of it (i.e., win the Southeast)

The real season -- the one you should really care about, Caps fans -- starts around April 10th.


Flying Cloud said...

I agree totally with your three main concerns; however, I confess I no longer care about the playoffs, for the following reasons:

1. I can't afford to attend those games.
2. The hype is unbearable - even the players look like they don't enjoy the "real" season.
3. It's spring - bring on the soccer, cycling and baseball.

It used to be huge for me, but no more. I had a great time last season and am already looking forward to the next - that, for me, is the one that begins in October and ends in April.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Peerless. Like they say, you have to play the game(s). Besides, as my daughter says, hockey on TV during the winter just makes us feel whole. Who knows what will happen next season? How much better will Carlson and Alzner be after a full regular season? Maybe Laich will start crashing the net like Knuble. What wonders will Backstrom and Ovie produce? Maybe Semin will grow up. I can't wait.