Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An Unforseen Problem When Buying a New Team

The Boss posted a blog entry earlier today titled, "I Can't Comment."  In it, he states...

"Team owners and officials can’t comment on free agency or free agents.

This is a good article. I thought it was pretty spot on.

We have articulated our plan. We are in control of our own destiny as a franchise. We have a lot of work to do to rebuild a foundation around young players — to heal, and to create a new winning culture. We have to do the work. We have to create our own upside. There is no easy magic wand to wave to make us a great team. I will have to be honest and authentic to our fan base on these matters.

But we will be in control of our destiny, and it won’t be a random plan. It won’t be filled with empty promises, and with “the best laid plans” built around unknown and third parties.

We just executed a trade that fits into our plan. We received a young player — a player with size, skill, and upside."
A young player with size?  Skill?  Upside?  I almost made a mad dash for the exits to hop over to the Caps web site to see for whom the club traded.  Good thing I didn't, for here is the rest of the entry...

"A player who can shoot, and run the floor for a big man. A player with unique potential. A player who is working hard this off season to improve. Another small piece has been added to rebuild our team to be a better and more competitive team for next season. A good day’s work. Real. Authentic. Honest."
Had I not known that "run the floor for a big man" was a basketball reference, I might have spent the rest of the day searching for who it was the Caps traded for, and for whom. 

Uh, Boss?  Might want to let your readers know up front it's basketball you're talking about.  You're going to give us Caps fans heart attacks doing that.


Anonymous said...

Easier to just not read his blog.. it's pretty much just fluff anyway.

Paint Drinking Pete said...

I agree that Ted may have to start being a bit more specific when talking about his teams. I am a HUGE hockey fan, but only a casual NBA fan at best. While I do consider the Wizards to be my "favorite NBA team", my interest in them is only a tiny fraction of what it is for the Caps. I too would have had the exact same reaction reading that post.

I assume that enthusiastic Wizard's fans are happy to have Leonsis as an owner, and I'm sure they expect the same dedication to the team and (more importantly) the fans that he has given to the Caps over the years.

It may be strange to Caps fans having to get used to being part of a larger "family" now the Wizards are part of it, but I'm sure we can all get along.

Goose said...
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Katie said...

How cool that Ted responded directly to you on his blog!!

Ron W said...

Ted is so a hypocritical, condescending douche. Peerless you rock almost as much as m,y Nordiques Dale Hunter t-shirt.