Friday, July 09, 2010

Morning Line -- Caps Cap


Whereas (geez, they do good work) has Tyler Sloan in the roster mix, we do not.  That leaves five roster spots open -- perhaps four forwards and a defenseman -- and almost $9.3 million in cap room.  There is still the issue of whether free agents Tomas Fleischmann (RFA), Andrew Gordon (RFA), and Eric Belanger (UFA) are to be re-signed.  And, there is the matter of whether Mathieu Perreault will make the opening night roster (Gordon as well, if he is re-signed).  There does appear to be a hole for a 5/6/7 defenseman (Caps fans might argue a 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 defenseman) that would come from outside the organization.


Katie said...

Perhpas I am misunderstanding something, but doesn't Tarik mention on a recent post about Nylander that the cap hit for him this season will be $4.875 mil??

exwhaler said...

Unless Nylander is on the roster (which he won't be), he doesn't count against the cap. That's what happened last year after the Caps loaned him to a Swedish club with his permission. Now that his NMC is up, they don't need his permission.