Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Constructive Purpose of Anger In Five Steps

If there is an early watchword to the eve of a new Capitals season, it is "anger." The Caps are angry over losing early in last spring's playoffs. Fans are angry because, well, that's the natural state of Caps fans (when they're not wallowing in the team's misfortune). The team adopted a "Stay Angry -- Believe in Yourselves" motto. Even getting back to business involves staying angry.

Well, as to that last link, we posted a response but it bears repeating here, because anger can be pointless, or it can be constructive.  So with that, we bring you...

The Five Stages of Anger (Capitals Version)

1. Irritation… goober writes a book about star, gets bloggers and The Boss responding. Response — pfft…who reads Damien Cox, anyway?

2. Indignation…everybody with a keyboard is bringing up that whole “first round collapse” thing in every preview of the Caps. Response — t-shirts with pithy slogan.

3. Wrath… Run-up to Winter Classic features video after video of Sidney Crosby scoring winner in first WC in Buffalo, raising Cup in 2009, receiving gold medal in 2010… Alex Ovechkin’s sullen expression is about all he gets. Response — paste the Penguins 7-2 in WC game, go 10-1-1 in January.

4. Fury… Caps are in first-place in the NHL on February 1. No one puts them on their short list of contenders, citing swiss-cheese defense, questionable fortitude, and goaltenders who aren’t really “playoff ready.” Response — beat Montreal, Pittsburgh, and San Jose in the space of a week. How do you like our $#@%ing fortitude NOW?

5. Rage… Pre-playoff punditocracy talks about Vancouver’s chances, Pittsburgh’s chances, Philly’s chances, Chicago, San Jose, even Marty Brodeur finding that old black playoff magic. Caps? Can they escape the first round is about the only thing folks want to talk about. Response — no more slogans, no more thoughtful responses to media questions, no more t-shirts. Just rip a page from the old Jake Taylor quote book (parents, cover your children's ears)…

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