Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Peerless Prognosticator's Peerless Prognostications for the 2010-2011 NHL Season

Here they are, the last prognostos you will ever need...or want, we dare say:

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exwhaler said...

Interesting choices...I do like the Stanley Cup match-up (the winner goes without saying).

My take--In the East, the SE is extremely unpredictable, and with spots 6 through 11 a crapshoot, I picked Tampa Bay and Atlanta making it in with DC, and Carolina a bridesmaid. The Thrash don't have any standouts, but they have some scary balance in all areas, and the 'Canes are simply impossible to predict at this point. Montreal needed Halek's play to squeek into the playoffs last year; they haven't improved and are relying on Price, so I think they're going to fall. I originally picked Ottawa as the 8th seed, but Philly might overcome their goaltending issues again to take it away, although their depth in net seems worse this year, if that's possible.

Mostly agree with the West--the separation between the haves and have nots is a bit clearer there after last season's fun. I don't think Anderson can replicate what he did for Colorado, so that will hurt them. Calgary seems a collection of ill-fitting parts, kinda like the West's version of the Rangers. I think St. Louis will benefit from their slipping.