Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sittin' at the end of the bar... Classic Thoughts

Just some idle musings...

-- NHL Public Relations reports that an estimated 30,000 fans will make the trek from the DC area to Pittsburgh for the game.  Wonder if there will be a caravan of Caps fans heading up I-70 to the away game like in the movie, "Hoosiers?"  Yee-haw!!  Grand Slams at the Denny's in Breezewood!! 

-- The game is scheduled to start a 1:00, but there is a "window" allowing for the game to start as late as 8:00 in the event of inclement weather.  We wonder, will there be barges in the Allegheny River with kegs and cases of Iron City beer to tide fans over for the seven hour "window?"

-- Adam Gretz provides a handy little guide to Heinz Field, in which he notes that Heinz Field concourses in the upper deck can get cramped.  If it is raining, and people head for cover, will bodies be flying out of the upper deck of Heinz Field as space gets scarce and rivalries boil over?

-- The road team is 2-0-1 in these things.

-- Why is only Mario Lemieux' number featured in NHL's "by the numbers" feature?  Like there is a hockey fan on the planet who doesn't know what number Lemieux wore?  We wish Milan Novy was playing in the alumni game to say, "hey, '66?' Me too!"

-- When the second meeting of the season between these teams is in Pittsburgh, the Caps are 2-7-1 in their last ten tries.

-- Sidney Crosby's scoring streak ended at 25 games last night.  Folks are wondering if he will shave off the moustache, now that it's over.  Never mind that, will he retire that cup?

-- Wonder if Mathieu Perreault's face will get as much, uh, "face" time in the last installment of HBO's 24/7 series as Ben Lovejoy's did last night in Episode 3.  The way it kept swelling up during the hour, I thought by the end of the episode his face was going to be put in storage to be a float in the Macy's parade next year.

-- Wonder if the NHL has been talking to MLB for some pointers on how to handle rain delays?

-- If there is a rain delay, too bad they can't put a tarp on the ice and have players mimic the old Rick Dempsey Rain Delay Theater, complete with the hydroplaning dive into home plate.  We will avoid the obvious Sidney Crosby joke here.

-- One would normally think hot chocolate would be a big seller at things like this.  If it's in the 50's, can we get pina coladas?

-- When Alex Ovechkin was applying that eye-black before practice yesterday, was he giving his nemesis over on the Penguin side a little dig with the "moustache," or was he thinking it would spring him on a long scoring streak?

-- And what was up with John Carlson?  Was that an homage to the Nats' Bryce Harper, or did he just rent "Braveheart?"...

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