Friday, December 17, 2010

Sittin' at the end of the bar... "What Are You Whining About?" Edition

This morning...

-- Only four teams in the NHL have more standings points than do the Caps

-- Only five teams have more wins

-- No team has more wins at home

-- The Caps are still a top-ten team in offense

-- The Caps still rank in the top-half of the defense rankings

-- The Caps still have a top-ten power play

-- The Caps still have a penalty kill right on the edge of the top ten

-- Only four teams have more hits

-- They are top-ten in blocked shots

-- Only two teams have more takeaways

-- They are a top-ten faceoff team

-- Three of the top eleven point-getters in the league are Caps

-- If the playoffs started today, the Caps would face Atlanta.  The Caps have never lost to Atlanta in the post-season.

OK...they've never faced them, either.  But quit yer whinin' anyway.  That the Caps still rank so highly in so many categories AFTER a seven-game losing streak is a measure -- ok, a perverse measure -- of just how good a team they are and can be.


Darla said...

C'mon, Peerless! We Are Caps Fans. We Are Massly Hysterical.

You do raise some excellent points, however.


Insanity said...

Here's a stat: How many times have the caps put 2 periods of effort out of 6 consecutive periods?

I get it's the regular season and this is a tune up. I get the injuries. There are just things that we are seeing that are either:

1) The coach not making adjustments
2) The team not listening.

In either case, the coach needs to go.

And to answer any the obvious which do I believe: I believe BB is trying to change, I just don't think he instilled enough discipline and therefore it's falling on deaf ears when it comes to a large portion of the team.