Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ask Not For Whom The Puck Tolls

In eleven seasons since the NHL went to a six-division format, at least one lower seed has defeated a higher seed in the first round of the Eastern Conference side of the Stanley Cup tournament:

2010: MTL over WAS; BOS over BUF; PHI over NJD
2009: CAR over NJD
2008: NJD over NYR; PHI over WAS
2007: NYR over ATL
2006: none
2004: MTL over BOS
2003: none
2002: OTT over PHI; MTL over BOS
2001: BUF over PHI; PIT over WAS; TOR over OTT
2000: PIT over WAS
1999: BOS over CAR; BUF over OTT; PIT over NJD

Chances are, one of Washington, Philadelphia, Boston, or Pittsburgh is going to fall in Round 1.  So...who will it be?


VT caps fan said...

Not it

Ovie8MVP said...

Is that right, only twice in 11 years there was no lower seed upset of a higher seed? What's even more interesting is 5 times there were multiple upsets. There's a good chance #2 and/or #3 could fall, setting up a potential Caps/Pens EC Final. That's what I want to happen.

Anonymous said...

What about the number of times that it's happened when the lower-seeded team had fewer points (e.g., MTL vs WAS 2010) and vice-versa (e.g., PHI vs WAS 2008)?

TG said...

I'm betting on either Buffalo over Philadelphia or TB over Pittsburgh. Although given the history between Boston and Montreal, I have no way of knowing which way that will swing.

Doug B. said...

It's cruel enough that I am unable to sleep once the playoffs get started (April being ther cruelest mont and all),but now my sleep between games wil be thwarted by these stats. Xanax (and Alex Semin)take me away!!

Anonymous said...