Friday, April 15, 2011


Perusing Twitter this morning, we are struck by all the tweets mulling the meaning of music or the sway of signs on the outcome of tonight's game between the Caps and the Rangers.  In other words, these tweeters wonder if there are omens in the mundane that point to a win or a loss tonight.  Well, let's see...

-- Today is the 559th anniversary of the birth of Leonardo daVinci, described as "a painter, sculptor, scientist, visionary ."  Sort of like the Alexander Semin of his day.  Hat trick for Good Sasha...

-- Adrian Cadbury (former chairman of the candy manufacturer) was born on this date in 1929.  Hershey manufactures and distributes Cadbury-branded chocolate in the United States.  Hershey is where the Bears play.  mmm....sweet!

-- On this date in 1738, the bottle-opener was invented. On omen for good times and adult beverages tonight?

-- On this date in 1892, General Electric incorporated in New York.  GE designed those nuclear reactors in Japan that are so much in the news.  An omen there?

-- On this date in 1912, the Royal Mail Ship "Titanic" sank on its maiden voyage (its "first round" of service, so to speak) on its way to...New York.  An omen about not reaching your goal, New York fans?

-- On this date in 1925, the "New York Americans" NHL franchise was awarded to sports promoter Thomas Duggan and bootlegger Wiliam "Big Bill" Bill Dwyer.  It was the first NHL team in New York.  The team played its first season icing players from the former Hamilton Tigers, which was suspended from the league (despite finishing first the season before) because they struck for higher pay.  Dwyer ended up lavishing higher salaries on his new players.  What's the omen here?  Well, the Americans lasted 17 years and didn't win anything (no Cups, out of the playoffs in 12 of those years) despite being bankrolled by deep pockets ownership.  Sound familiar, Ranger fans?

They don't have a chance.

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