Wednesday, October 12, 2011


More than two years ago, we came up with this plan for realignment/relocation/expansion. Well, it seems realignment is not far from the front of folks' minds, what with Atlanta having relocated to Winnipeg and throwing the Southeast Division into a tizzy (unless you rationalize things by thinking Winnipeg is in Southeast Manitoba).

So let's do this again.  An old-school way to realign and keep Detroit, which is in Southeast Michigan, out of the "Southeast Division."

Oh, and yes, we would still maintain that our playoffs include the first two rounds as intra-divisional play. Like we said back in August 2009, "there is nothing like beating up on your divisional opponents for a few games in the playoffs to build up that hate among players and fans that seems to be missing from too many divisions (well, the Southeast, anyway)."

(edit: and thanks to the careful readers who found my brain fart moment by not having used the version with Phoenix replacing Atlanta in the Norris).


hockeyx3 said...

Atlanta? Check the Norris list. Doesn't a team need to slide over from Smythe?

hockeyx3 said...

Just noticed: where's Phoenix?

Todd said...

My guess is they'll probably do something close to that, but exchange Detroit and Chicago for Florida and Tampa in your list.

Bryan said...

Holy Cow....The Patrick division would be stacked.

The Peerless said...

Nice pick up...I loaded the wrong version of the picture.